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Heritage GBC owns and operates a full fabrication shop in our arsenol of in-house services, we have been building and growing our fabrication shop for years, and now we can mostly create about anything we need for our projects and more. Our shop consists of a complete line-up of woodworking equipment so as to complete a full woodworking / cabinet shop, from milling with our large re-saw, to cutting on our 10 x 10 tablesaw, to shaping, to our large 51" surface sander, to our wide variety of woodworking equipment. We also have a full finishing room to complete the process. We also have an area in which will can do metal fabricating, from our metal milling machine, metal cutting and shaping, to welding.

Our shop adds a dimension to be able to fabricate most of our needs that the company requires during one of our projects, and having the control to fabricate and maintaining a timeline to meet the needs of our employees and projects. We have highly experienced staff run and operate the shop full time, so when an internal request comes in from one of our job-site teams, our shop staff can get right to it. Not only is the shop for all our company needs, we also take on projects for our clients and other projects.

Currently we are building and completely re-designing our fabrication shop at our new facility, all while our existing shop continues its work, our new shop begin construction in March of 2016 as will provide us with more production capabilities, much smoother workflow for our employees, and we are updating much of our equipment. This new shop we are very excited about to be able to provide a higher level of results. We hope our new fabrication shop will be ready for production by summer of 2016.



Heritage GBC Excavation Services has the capacity to perform a wide range of tasks from the simplest job such as replacing a drain pipe to the preparation and foundation excavation for a major new construction project. We have the necessary equipment for all jobs - big and small.


Dump Truck Hauling Service

Dual-axle, 10 ton single axle and 1 ton dump trucks available for hauling. Gravel, sand, limestone, road salt, topsoil and fill, mulch (various types and colors), construction debris/land clearing debris hauling are some of the services we offer.



Whether it's concrete walkway and driveway tear outs to complete commercial demo we can handle it! Old garage falling apart? Retaining wall falling over? Need Building Torn Down ? We can tear it down, Haul it away and depose of all the debris, and provide options for a rebuild.

About Us

We are General Building Contractors with a large staff and employees and can handle nearly any job, from single family residence to large Multi-Family complexes to commercial projects. We are fully equipped with a large vehicle fleet, and a full heavy equipment fleet. We are completely connected with full-time sub-contractors that help us do our specialty trades work to fulfill any job as required. We have been providing full service contracting for over 35 years.

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